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Prostate Cancer Prevention

prevencion del cancer de prostata

As of today there is no single cause for prostate cancer therefore, a preventive strategy has yet to be developed. For this reason, education and awareness for prostate cancer is ever so vital for men and the wives, children, siblings, families and friends of men dealing with prostate cancer.

Being knowledgeable and aware of all the risk factors of prostate cancer and taking any necessary action to maintain or improve health through diet and exercise are extremely important. Yearly screening for prostate cancer is highly advised because, if detected early, the chances of removing it increases.

There are no known ways to prevent prostate cancer. Adopting a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular exercise and limiting consumption of saturated fat found in red meat and dairy products can lower risk.

Studies show a strong correlation between saturated fat consumption and increased rates of prostate cancer diagnosis and mortality.

Diets rich in cancer fighting nutrients such as Vitamin E, Selenium, soy, green tea, and tomatoes appear to mitigate the risks of prostate cancer. Studies are underway to confirm these findings, and more cancer-fighting nutrients are continuously being discovered and studied.

Please review the major factors that can influence a man’s risk for developing prostate cancer so that you may better understand whether you are at risk.

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